South African Safari

Your Spectacular South African Safari awaits…

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Dark Continent Explorer invites you to join us on a professionally managed and safe wildlife safari.

Your safari will be wildlife rich and escorted by seasoned veterans of the Afrikan Veld.  Suitable for adults and couples of every age. Filled with the magic of culture and wildlife in timeless harmony. This is your year for Africa.


Dark Continent Safari's offers:

  • Private small groups
  • comfortable lodging, appetizing campfire cuisine
  • unparalleled photography opportunities
  • experienced Afrikaans and US staff
  • enclosed windowed safari vehicle
  • hands -on time with Cheetah's and cub lions
  • pricing with value in mind


You will experience and enjoy:

  • experience local culture and shopping,
  • casual schedule with charming candle light dinners,
  • breathtaking Kruger National Park wildlife.
  • most importantly, tour guides that put your needs first and keep you smiling. 


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– Limited bookings-

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