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Make Your Trip Picture Perfect – Tips in Taking Photo Safari


In any vacation, one would yearn to keep souvenirs that will serve as a remembrance of the trip. One way to keep your holiday memories intact is through photographs. In your African tour, taking photo safari will definitely make your trip everlasting.


As you pack your bags, be sure that you have packed your camera with you. Do not forget to bring spare batteries or charger, spare memory cards, your camera case and other accessories that can make better pictures such as zoom lens and tripod. This is essential because a trip with no photos as a souvenir is like you never went on an African tour at all.

The African safaris, from South to East Africa, offer excellent photographic scenes. Pictures may be taken from a vehicle, or it may be taken in still shot. Whichever way you want it, with a good camera and the right angle, to take picture perfect photos is always possible.

Vehicle in East Africa are very much different from the ones in the South. East Africa’s game drives come with sliding windows made from glass and top viewing roofs. On the other hand, vehicles in South Africa are more open. With the kind of vehicles found on East Africa, photo safari is more achievable because cameras with long lenses are easier to stabilize. By using sandbags on the roof, tourists can take photos with less effort.

The question is will it be impossible to take a good photo safari when the vehicle you are in is just open-sided? No, that is not impossible. If roof option may not be available then your camera must come with a lens that has its own image stabilization so that taking pictures of African safaris will be a breeze. Also, during wildlife tours, vehicles stop for tourists to have the opportunity to take photos. Another trick that some tourists do in taking pictures is bracing their elbows but if the safari vehicle is too crowded with people, you can sit somewhere in the middle and use your camera case or bag as your elbow perch.

You may use mono or tripods although some photographers find this a bit awkward. Mono-pods may be set easily on the ground so its single staff is more ideal for walking safaris. Another alternative is using a skimmer pod which is designed specifically to take wildlife pictures and it may also be used with a bean bag. Whatever you try to use, that would depend on your level of comfort. Others are more comfortable with mono-pods while others prefer using skimmer pods.

Most tourists who want to take photo safari prefer using beanbags. Taking pictures while in vehicles that are open-sided may be a big challenge because setting your eye on the viewfinder may require you to twist your body a bit. To prevent this, provide one bean bag on each side so you won’t have to keep on switching it.

Taking pictures while on a safari tour is not that hard. No complicated techniques are needed. With the mentioned tips above, you may now enjoy taking pictures and keep long lasting memories.


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