Photo Safari Videos


Photo Safari Video's

Take a tour through the African  Safari video moments that Dark Continent Explorer's team filmed in South Africa.



1. Lions On Photo Safari – Take a look into the life of lions

2. Elephant Herd – Up close with Elephants and the new babies

3. Hyenas in Africa – Experience a Hyena mother and her new cubs

4.Elephants in Kruger National Park – See what you will encounter on Safari

5. Zebra's Fighting – A Dynamic spar between two Zebra's

6. Leopard in Kruger Park- See the wonderment of a Leopard hunting

7. Lions in Kruger – Up close to a pride of lions

8. Ranger Walk – See where a Ranger Walk will take you, experience real Africa

9. Rhino's Close-Up – On Safari Encountering the huge Rhino's

10. Water Buffalo – A Lion is attracted to the savory Water Buffalos

11. Wade Nolan on Safari – Nolan shares about what you will encounter on a Dark Continent Explorer Safari in South Africa

12. Dark Continent Explorer Safari – Catch a glimpse of what you will be a part of on an African Photo Safari




Lions On Photo Safari


Elephant Herd


Hyenas in Africa

Elephants in Kruger National Park


Zebra's Fighting


Leopard in Kruger Park


Lions in Kruger



Ranger Walk

Rhino's Close-Up


Water Buffalo


Wade Nolan On Safari


Dark Continent Explorer Safari


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