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Dark Continent Explorer – Big Cat Safari        



The wildlife photography prospects are limitless and unique during your safari. These days will be recalled forever. From the Crocodile River region, we move through the Drakensberg Mountains to your second treat, your Big Cat safari camp.
Big cat photography is a merging of opportunity and roaring passion. To stage these encounters you will travel to multiple safe destinations across your African tour to put you in front of the Big 5 as you will also focus on Big Cats.
Our Big Cat lodge is a breeding facility for reintroduction of wild felines into other reserves and parks. A photo safari paradise. You'll see the cats up close. You're unique experience may vary from petting the caracal to sharing the evening veranda with a friendly cheetah.
The Little Cats will also offer camera-friendly opportunities as Caracal, Serval, Civet and African Wildcats pounce into your memory. 
Mornings may be spent on the trails of the night predators as armed rangers take you into the bush to experience the old Africa.
Dark Continent Explorer offers some special morning wildlife walks where a guide plus baby lions or young cheetahs will accompany you.
In Kruger you'll also be on the prowl for lions, cheetah and leopards in natural habitat as they hunt for their prey.
On some days Dark Continent Explorer has spotted and observed 10 or more lions and 3 leopards. Dark Continent Explorer safaris have happened upon kills where the prey is still kicking or the leopard is dragging its catch into a tree.
We know the secret haunts of the big cats and focus our time there. While your African safari will include elephant, buffalo, rhino, crocs and hippos, the big cats of the Kruger National Park region are the centerpiece of your African photo safaris during your Big Cat Safari.



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