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Photo Safari


Make Your Trip Picture Perfect – Tips in Taking Photo Safari


In any vacation, one would yearn to keep souvenirs that will serve as a remembrance of the trip. One way to keep your holiday memories intact is through photographs. In your African tour, taking photo safari will definitely make your trip everlasting.


As you pack your bags, be sure that you have packed your camera with you. Do not forget to bring spare batteries or charger, spare memory cards, your camera case and other accessories that can make better pictures such as zoom lens and tripod. This is essential because a trip with no photos as a souvenir is like you never went on an African tour at all.

The African safaris, from South to East Africa, offer excellent photographic scenes. Pictures may be taken from a vehicle, or it may be taken in still shot. Whichever way you want it, with a good camera and the right angle, to take picture perfect photos is always possible.

Vehicle in East Africa are very much different from the ones in the South. East Africa’s game drives come with sliding windows made from glass and top viewing roofs. On the other hand, vehicles in South Africa are more open. With the kind of vehicles found on East Africa, photo safari is more achievable because cameras with long lenses are easier to stabilize. By using sandbags on the roof, tourists can take photos with less effort.

The question is will it be impossible to take a good photo safari when the vehicle you are in is just open-sided? No, that is not impossible. If roof option may not be available then your camera must come with a lens that has its own image stabilization so that taking pictures of African safaris will be a breeze. Also, during wildlife tours, vehicles stop for tourists to have the opportunity to take photos. Another trick that some tourists do in taking pictures is bracing their elbows but if the safari vehicle is too crowded with people, you can sit somewhere in the middle and use your camera case or bag as your elbow perch.

You may use mono or tripods although some photographers find this a bit awkward. Mono-pods may be set easily on the ground so its single staff is more ideal for walking safaris. Another alternative is using a skimmer pod which is designed specifically to take wildlife pictures and it may also be used with a bean bag. Whatever you try to use, that would depend on your level of comfort. Others are more comfortable with mono-pods while others prefer using skimmer pods.

Most tourists who want to take photo safari prefer using beanbags. Taking pictures while in vehicles that are open-sided may be a big challenge because setting your eye on the viewfinder may require you to twist your body a bit. To prevent this, provide one bean bag on each side so you won’t have to keep on switching it.

Taking pictures while on a safari tour is not that hard. No complicated techniques are needed. With the mentioned tips above, you may now enjoy taking pictures and keep long lasting memories.


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Enjoy Africa: Visit Kruger National Park


Africa is the second largest continent and the second most populous continent in the world. It is also known as the hottest continent as it has its tropical climate all year round.  Africa is known for its dry lands, deserts, and rainforest.  The continent has a rich variety of natural resources.  One of these resources is its biodiversity.



Africa has several protected areas, marine protected areas, biospheres reserves, and wetland reserves.  These protected areas and reserves make Africa’s biological resources diverse.  Because of this, Africa has become one of the world’s best tourist attractions.



One of Africa’s prides is its many safaris.  Walking through the vast land of wildlife makes it more fun to explore Africa’s domain.  Exploring nature allows you to learn more about Mother Earth and allows you to appreciate its beauty.


To experience Africa fully, going to the Kruger National Park would be a good decision.  This wildlife sanctuary allows you to immerse yourself fully in Africa’s wilderness.  The Kruger National Park is located in South Africa.  It ranks as the best wildlife park in Africa.  This internationally renowned wildlife park offers you to experience Africa through its game reserves and walking Safaris.


The Kruger National Park takes pride in its wide variety of biological resources.  The park has quite a wide array of vegetation.  Among these vegetations are thorn trees, red-bush willows, knob-thorns, and shrub mopanes.  The national park’s wildlife resources are also diverse.  Animals such as birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes are found in this wildlife sanctuary.  These different species has become the wildlife sanctuary’s main attractions.


You can also do a lot of activities in the vicinities of the park.  First, you must try game drives.  Riding in an off-road vehicle with a pair of binoculars with you, you can do sight-seeing and enjoy the diverse wildlife.  Another activity is bush walks.  Through these walks, you can learn more about the African environment.  Engaging in foot safaris and immersing yourself on wilderness trails can also make your African safari trip more memorable.


To make your stay more comfortable, the Kruger National Park offers you a lot of accommodations.  This wildlife sanctuary has 21 rest camps and 15 private safari lodges.  These accommodations offer you a more private experience of the Kruger National Park.  They allow you to enjoy the wonderful scenery that the wildlife sanctuary offers.  Some of these lodges offer you romantic suites that bond true to the wilderness.  This can make your African experience authentic at the comfort of your room.


Experiencing Africa can truly be a wonderful experience.  Africa offers you a lot of activities that can make you get more in touch with Mother Nature.  It offers you a vast array of natural resources that will make you realize how truly abundant earth with its natural resources.  Kruger National Park offers you a true African experience.  This wildlife sanctuary can help you learn more about Africa, about nature, and about earth’s biodiversity.  No other wildlife sanctuary in Africa can make your stay more interesting and more fun.


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South African Safaris

South African Safaris: A Wonderful Escapade


Next to Asia as a continent, Africa has the largest population in the world.  Being the hottest continent in the world, it boasts of its dry lands, deserts, rainforests, and other wildlife sanctuaries.  Africa has a tropical climate and is popular to be the haven for many biological resources.



Among these biodiversities are vegetations and wild animals.  Africa has a lot of forests and woodlands.  It is also home to a number of carnivores, herbivores, water animals, and jungle animals.  There are many protected areas in this continent that serves as wildlife reserves.  These reserves protect and preserve the lives of the animals, most especially those who are already at the brink of extinction.  South Africa is one part of the continent that has a growing number of interested tourists.


South Africa is named as one of the world’s mega-diverse countries.  It is home to a lot of unique flowering plants as well as the numerous mammals that cannot be found on other parts of the world.  This country is also rich in its culture and its agricultural sector and also known for its rich mineral resources such as platinum, gold, iron, and diamonds.  And because of these many attractions, many tourists around the world are enthusiastic about joining South African safaris.


Many people outside Africa love to go safaris.  South African safaris always lead the list among tourists’ favorite destinations because here they can experience viewing wildlife up close.  South Africa is a country of great tourism opportunities because of its vast array of wildlife.  This culturally-diverse country has become the choice of many tourists who wants to bring their families closer to the wildlife.  The South African countries have a lot to offer you.  Among the many popular sites in this country are Cape Town and the Kruger National Park.


Aside from the South African safaris, what makes South Africa a wonderful tourist destination is its beautiful architectures and breathtaking beaches. So literally living in South Africa allows you to experience the great outdoors.  You can visit many quaint landscapes and to make your gaming experience easier and more fun, these tours will let you ride on open vehicles that will allow you to view the vast array of wildlife in the vicinity.


Walking safaris are also offered to help you become more intimate with nature while gaining more knowledge about it.  You can also see the wildlife in a more adventurous way such as an elephant ride.  South African safaris are safe for you and your family because they have malaria-free destinations.  Accommodations are also easy.  When on a safari, you have the option to stay in a luxurious lodge or to enjoy the environment while camping.  Either way, you are ensured that your stay will be comfortable and unforgettable.


Known as the “Rainbow Nation,” South Africa offers you a lot of things that can make your wildlife experience a blast.  South Africa is a huge country that also has a wide array of culture.  Because of its wildlife, culture, and destinations, South Africa has been a fast-growing tourist spot. 


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Travel In Africa


Experience Something Different – Travel in Africa


Africa is the hottest continent on earth.  Being so, many people have been reluctant to travel in Africa.  What people fail to see is that to travel in Africa may be one of the best tours you may experience in your life.  Being the second largest continent in the world, Africa boasts magnificent landscapes, a culturally-diverse population, and a vast array of natural resources.  Africa has a lot to offer to tourists who want to experience something different.


If you are tired of hitting the beach or staying in a hotel over the holidays, why not try African safari?  To travel in Africa means to bring you closer to the wildlife.  Many visitors who want to explore the great outdoors choose to go on African safari because safaris are adventure-laden.  There are quite a number of protected areas in Africa that are reserves for Africa’s biological ecosystem.  Wildlife parks are also growing in number that serves as sanctuaries for the many species of exotic flora and fauna found in the continent.


A lot of tourist packages are available for those who want to travel in Africa.  These packages include sight-seeing, accommodations, and a variety of other activities.  Because the goal of safaris is to bring you closer to the wildlife, different packages are offered for you to choose.  There are group safaris that allow you to experience the wildlife with a professional tour guide.  This is the ideal way to travel in Africa for first-timers because everything will be scheduled and planned for you.  Another way to enjoy your stay in Africa is through a customized safari.  This tour package allows you more flexibility regarding your schedule and your activities with a tour guide.  Other packages also allow you to be independent.  Thus, self-drive safaris are offered.  Joining a safari can make you enjoy the wildlife more, whether riding a vehicle or riding the back of an elephant. 


Africa has a wide area to explore.  Walking safaris are also famous in this area.  If you don’t mind getting your shoes dirty in the name of nature appreciation, then this kind of safari is a good choice for you.  Africa takes pride in its drylands, deserts, and jungles.  Travelling in Africa is also made more convenient these days because of the many options for accommodations.  You can opt to either stay in a luxurious lodge or go out tent camping after a whole day of immersing yourself in the wildlife.


Africa may not be an ideal holiday destination for many.  Its tropical climate can be a downside for many tourists.  However, if you are in search for the adventure of your life, then to travel in Africa is the best decision to make.  Unlike any other tourist spots found all over the world, Africa is unique in many respects.  No other destination in the world will allow you to be up close and personal with the wildlife aside from Africa.  Enjoy the magnificent landscapes, the rich culture, and the biodiversity that only Africa has to offer.  Travel in Africa and have the greatest adventure of your life.


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