About Us

Founder of Dark Continent Explorer, Wade Nolan, is a biologist and wildlife producer whose pen and camera has worked with National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery and the BBC Natural History Unit. After 16 years of filming in Africa and conducting over 200 seminars, I noticed that adventurers from my audience often offered to carry my camera gear if they could accompany me. I decided to craft a trip that included all of my favorite wild spots, secret places and veteran African guides to offer a safari that would wow even the experienced photographer. We launched Dark Continent Explorer so you could experience the fullness of Africa.


We are here to serve you with a safari you will never forget. Prior to you contacting us we were working on details that will etch your safari experience into who you are. Every moment of your South African safari has been refined and defined to bring you a wide array of excitement, adventure and awe.

Our mission is to help you experience the fullness of South Africa in a safe and comfortable climate. Safety is of paramount importance, which is why we are staffed with professional African guides that know the land as their own and always take into consideration the traveler's well-being. Our goal is to lead you on a journey of discovery. Our Africa is full of opportunities to encounter and photograph wild animals, experience the fascinating native culture, and to send you home with your pockets full of stories about the Dark Continent.

Call us at 724.694.8858 or E-mail us at  AfricaSafariAdventure@gmail.com
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